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Stephen and Ayesha Curry

Superstars Stephen and Ayesha Curry on launching their foundation Eat.Learn.Play 

Robert Clinton OCEIA part 2

2020 census and the LGBTQI community 

Robert Clinton OCEIA Part 1

Robert joins us to discuss how the 2020 census will impact the LGBTQI community. 

Gina Grahame, Board President GGBA

Gina Grahame, the Golden Gate Business Association's new board president reflects on the 45th anniversary of the nation's first LGBTQ business chamber and Trans rights in the workplace.

Author Barbara Rose Brooker

Barbara discusses her latest novel "Love Sometimes." 

Performer Baruch Hernandez Porras

Baruch shares his upcoming show "Love in the Time of Pinatas." 

Amy Farah Weiss: Safe Organizing for Transitional Housing

Homeless advocate and mayor candidate Amy Farah Weiss proposes a plan for temporary housing. 

Dr. Hassan Zee

Dr. Zee shares his latest film: "Good Morning Pakistan." We discuss gender identity and trans inclusion in Pakistani films. 

Paul Margolis: Our Town SF

Paul discusses his expo and photographing hundreds of LGBTQI events annually. 

John Zipperer of Commonwealth Club of CA

John Zipperer, host of "Week to Week Roundtable Talk" of the Commonwealth Club of CA.

Kate Kendell: what's next after NCLR

The incredible Kate Kendell on leaving NCLR as executive director after 20+ years. 

Filmmaker Jethro Patalinghug

Jethro talks about the mini documentaries he's been producing for SF Pride. 

Robin Lowey and Lesbians You Should Know About

Author Robin Lowey on her amazing book "Game Changers: Lesbians You Should Know About." 

Sean Dorsey

Activist, artist, choreographer, dancer Sean Dorsey on Trans inclusion in performing arts. 

Shawn Sunshine Strickland: Supergirl of SF

Supergirl of SF discusses discriminatory actions against her for protesting. 

Tamera Chance

we rock out with Trans activist and rock star Tamera Chance. 

Chris Verdugo: SF Gay Men's Chorus

Chris Verdugo of the SF Gay Men's Chorus joins to discuss exciting news about the first ever national LGBTQI performance center. 

Guillermo Gomez

Filmmaker Guillermo Gomez on his silent film "POSTER BOY" 

Aria Said

Aria Said discusses Kween Cultural Initiative and her new role as the executive director of Compton Transgender Cultural District in San Francisco. 

Jennifer Junkyard Morris

Jennifer Junkyard Morris on SF Indie Fest. 

Helen Zia

Award winning journalist and activist Helen Zia on her new book "Last Boat out of Shanghai." 

Liam Mayclem

Liam Mayclem, the Foodie Chap, on his next venture as a restaurant owner. 

H. Alan Scott and Aliza Rosen

H. Alan and Aliza discuss their film "Latter Day Jew" in which H. Alan shares his journey of converting to Judaism as a Gay adult and former Mormon. 

KBCW August 11, 2019

Carolyn and I discuss Facebook's unfair targeting of racial discrimination. 

KOFY TV Episode 71

Holiday special with Rev. Malcolm Young of Grace Cathedral and Michael Pappas of SF Interfaith Council.

KOFY TV Episode 70

United Playaz on mentoring youths and saving the community. Barbara Attard on San Francisco's decison to add tasers to the police department. 

KOFY TV Episode 69

A personal story centering around immigration and relationships. Also, Oakland LGBT space. 

KOFY TV Episode 68

A discussion about Filipina women captured by the Japanese Imperial Army to become comfort women. 

KOFY TV Episode 67

Members of BAAITS discuss two spirit. 

KOFY TV Episode 66

Official Oakland Pride Parade coverage (2017)

KOFY TV Episode 65

David Canepa on Daly City, S. SF, Broadmoor politics. Amber Todd on Oakland Pride

KOFY TV Episode 64

Local bay area activists on keeping LGBTQI spaces alive. 

KOFY TV Episode 63

Civil Rights activist Dolores Huerta and filmmaker Peter Bratt discuss the documentary "Dolores." Filmmaker Quentin Lee on his new project "Gay Hollywood Dad." 

KOFY TV Episode 62

Airing small documentaries produced in partnership with Jethro Patalinghug and Joshua Guerci. Voices include drag king performer Alex U. Inn, housing rights activist Maria Zamudio, Trans activist Dani Castro, senior rights activist Dr. Marcy Adelman, SF Gay Men's Chorus, and dean of SFSU ethnic studies Amy Sueyoshi. 

KOFY TV Episode 61

Guide to Pride 2017 featuring messages from SF Pride honorees about this political time: NCLR, Chris Carnes, Mia Tu Mutch 

KOFY TV Episode 60

API LGBTQ heroes: Crystal Jang and Madeleine Lim. 

KOFY TV Episode 59

Two LGBTQI parents leading the way in the fight for family rights. 

KOFY TV Episode 58

Dr. Marcy Adelman discusses her breakthrough launch of the first ever LGBT inclusive senior housing center in SF. Ed Decker, artistic director of NCTC on a beautiful new Transgender positive play. 

KOFY TV Episode 57

What to do when ICE approaches you and a discussion on immigration/undocumented lives. 

KOFY TV Episode 56

Trans activists on Trans issues and rights. .

KOFY TV Episode 55

Donald Trump has been elected as President. Nancy Mancias joins to discuss Code Pink's reaction. Also Queer mom talks about her families reaction. 

KOFY TV Episode 54

Students from a traveling high school Think Global on social justice issues and LGBT rights. 

KOFY TV Episode 53

Musician and activists Daniell LoPresti and Alicia Champion on coping under president-elect Trump leadership and how their music can change hearts and minds. 

KOFY TV Episode 52

Activist Cleve Jones talks about his new memori "When We Rise," the inspiration behind the new ABC miniseries set to debut early 2017. 

KOFY TV Episode 51

Senator Mark Leno and his exit interview. Former Assemblymember Tom Ammiano on comedy and local SF politics. 

KOFY TV Episode 50

Kirsten Johnson, filmmaker, on "Cameraperson," her new film that serves as a memoir. Cleve Jones moderates a talk with actor Alan Cumming. 

KOFY TV Episode 49

Author Jeff Chang on his new book "We Gon Be Alright, Notes on Race and Resegregation." Also activist Barbara Rose Brooker on fighting ageism. 


Coverage of the Oakland Pride Parade. 

KOFY TV Epidose 47

SF Superheroes Diane Jones and Roma Guy. Their stories are being told through Dustin Lance Black's new miniseries "When We Rise." 

KOFY TV Episode 46

Longtime activist Ken Jones on his story being told through Hollywood screenwriter Dustin Lance Black's miniseries "When We Rise." Social activist Rhodessa Jones on theater for incarcerated women. 

KOFY TV Episode 45

Two films touching on identity. Laura Albert and Jeff Feuerzig with their film "Author: The JT Leroy Story." Anya Remizova and James Bird on "Honeyglue," a romantic film featuring a non conforming male lead. 

KOFY TV Episode 44

John Burris (civil rights attorney) on police brutality. Interviews with housing rights activists Lisa Maria Alatorre and Tommi Avicolli Mecca on ballot initiatives that will criminalize the homeless. 

KOFY TV Guide to Pride 2016

Filmmaker Jethro Patalinghug on his collaboration with SF Pride producing a series of short documentaries highlighting the 2016 Grand Marshals. Two of his five short documentaries are featured (Janetta Johnson and Larry Yang). Nya and Bionka of Transcendent on Fuse drop by to dish their favorites of SF during Pride. 

KOFY TV Episode

Isa Noyola discusses immigration issues and HB2. Rocky Corona opens up about his transition for the first time. 

KOFY TV Episode 43

Journalists Samuel Freedman and Kerry Donahue on their project "Dying Words," a story about Jeff Schmalz, a NY Times editor whose HIV diagnos influenced the changes mainstream media made in HIV/AIDS reporting. Also Sasha Soprano, producer of The Drag Queens of Comedy, joins us to chat about drag. 

KOFY TV Episode 42

A discussion about Lesbian, butch, dyke representation in the bay area. Racism in the LGBTQI community. 

KOFY TV Episode 41

Actress Susan Sarandon, Director Lorene Scafaria on their new film "The Meddler." Supervisor David Campos on terming out. 

KOFY TV Episode 40

Interviews with one former and current Supervisor on San Francisco's progressive values. Brad Chapin discusses why LGBTQI youths should vote Bernie Sanders. 

KOFY TV Episode 39

I discuss the changing landscape of LGBTQI iconic events such as Dyke March (Elizabeth Lanyon) & Folsom St Events (Demetri Moshoyannis, Edwin Morales Jr.). Ellen Page and Ian Daniel on their new series "Gaycation." 

KOFY TV Episode 38

Maui Sunseeker LGBT Resort invites Michelle Meow to Maui to experience the LGBTQ community. Interviews with Steve Hire and Anthony Acosta of Maui AIDS Foundation. Also clips of the Whaleabration with Maui Pride. 

KOFY TV Episode 37

Interviews with the producer and stars of Mighty Real: A Fabulous Sylvester Musical (Anthony Wayne and Kendrell Bowman). Also Hillary Whittington talks about her love for her Trans son Ryland. 

KOFY TV Episode 36

Matt Staver of the LIberty Counsel if the attorney for Kim Davis. Kim Davis is the woman from Kentucky (Rowan County) who refused to issue marriage licences to Gay couples even after the Supreme Court decision made it the law. She was later jailed for contempt of the courts. Kate Kendell of the National Center for Lesbian Rights responds. 

KOFY TV Episode 35

Chef Melissa King is a bay area chef who was featured on Bravo's Top Chef season 12 and was one of the finalist. Empress Khmera Rouge on her reign during the 2015 year. 

KOFY TV Episode 34

Lesbian Historian Lillian Faderman on the release of her comprehensive LGBTQI history book : "The Gay Revolution, The Story of the Struggle." Also, award winning journalist Kerry Eleveld on her new book "Don't Tell me to Wait," a book chronicling her time covering President Obama pre marriage equality. 

KOFY TV Episode 31

Ellen Page, Julianne Moore on their film "Freeheld." Terry Mutchler on her secret relationship with the late Senator. Penny Severns. 

KOFY TV Episode 30

Legendary actress Lily Tomlin on Women's Rights, her new film "Grandma," and the future of the LGBT movement. Director of "Grandma," Paul Weitz joins her. Actor Otoja Abit on his role as Marsha P. Johnson in the controversial film "Stonewall- the movie," directed by Roland Emmerich. 



KOFY TV Episode 29

Sean Conroy plays for the Sonoma Stompers, a Northern Bay area independent league. When he came out in 2015, he became the first out gay pro player. His first game as a proud out gay ball players was a shut out win, with him as the pitcher. Erik Sherman, author, wrote Glenn Burke's biography: "Out at Home, the true Glenn Burke Story." Glenn Burke was a legendary baseball player who led the Dodgers to the world series during his time. He was traded to the Oakland A's and believed it was because he did not hide his sexuality. He eventually came out after a boyfriend wrote an article about him, by then he was retired. 

KOFY TV Episode 28

Actress Laverne Cox (Orange is the New Black) stops by in San Francisco during Pride month for the unveiling of her wax figure at Madame Tussauds. Author Catherine Cleary Wolters on her new book "Out of Orange." She is the real "Alex Vause," Piper's lesbian lover in the Netflix hit show "Orange is the New Black." 

KOFY TV Episode 27

The Golden State Warriors are the 2015 NBA Champions and their COO is Rick Welts who came out as one of the only out gay NBA executives. Liam Mayclem, local celebrity Foodie Chap, takes us on the "Honor Walk." 

KOFY TV : Pride @45

Activist Cleve Jones was Harvey Milk's good friend and Emile Hirsch played him in the movie "Milk," with Sean Penn. I waited 6 years to interview Cleve, and he's finally agreed to give us a snapshot and history of the Gay Liberation Movement. 

KOFY TV Episode 26

Ahead of the Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, we speak to plaintiffs of successful court cases that led to marriage equality in their state. 

KOFY TV Episode 25

Jason and David Benham, Christian activists who were let go from HGTV because of their anti-gay views join the show to discuss their new book. Gay Mormon activist Mitch Mayne on the Mormon Church and their relationship with the LGBT community. 

KOFY TV Episode 24

A film "I am Michael," starring James Franco and Zachary Pinto, focuses on a Christian pastor who renounces his homosexuality. NY Times writer Benoit Denizet-Lewis discusses his article that inspired Gus Van Sant to make the film and Director Justin Kelly joins.

KOFY TV Episode 23

Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza and Rev. Jacqueline Duhart of Oakland Unitarian Universalist Church. Both discuss Black Lives, intersectionality, and racism. 

KOFY TV Episode 22

The cast of HBO's "Looking," during the red carpet premiere of Season 2. Trans activist Bertie Brouhard. 

KOFY TV Episode 21

Former Navy Seal Kristin Beck on her transition and documentary "Lady Valor." Gypsy Love performs. 

KOFY TV Episode 20

Actress Maria Bello (Coyote Ugly) on her new movie "Big Driver." Maria came out in a NY Times article discussing her relationship with her friend Claire and how "Love is Love." Activist Michelle Fetch on positive body attitude and women. 

KOFY TV Episode 19

Young adult Trans activists Katie Rain Hill and Aaron Andrews on their transition, their relationship, and the future for young Trans people. Get Equal co-director Angela Peoples on LGBT rights movement.

KOFT TV Episode 18

Legendary rock star Melissa Etheridge on her new album, new wife, and new look. The Hon. Nabilah Sempala of Uganda, a member of parliament, discusses life as a politician in Uganda, women's rights, and that anti-gay bill. 

KOFY TV Episode 17

Dan Choi, former Lt. who was the poster boy of the DADT repeal, is in SF and running for City College Board Director. Sean Strub, a longtime HIV/AIDS activist on his new memoir "Body Counts." 

KOFY TV Episode 16

SF Housing activist Tommi Avicolli Mecca on evictions and new developments. Actor/comedian Ross Mathews drops by. 

KOFY TV Episode 15

Anti-gay Christian activist Scott Lively on the LGBT community and the future of Christians. Captn. Sage Fox on Trans military policy. 

KOFY TV Episode 14

Author/Journalist Jo Becker on her controversial book "Forcing the Spring, Inside the Fight for Marriage Equality." Many LGBT activists felt her write up on the Prop 8. case (CA) was a revision of what actually occurred as well as accusations she omitted actual major activists. 

KOFY TV Episode 13

Nathan Phelps is the estranged son of Fred Phelps, SR. The anti-gay Christian activist who was head of the Westboro Baptist Church- an organization known for frequently protesting funerals. He talks about his father's passing, Christianity, growing up as a Phelps, and identifying as pro-LGBT rights. Actress/Model Carmen Carerra on the "T" word used by Rupaul. 

KOFY TV Episode 12

The San Antonio 4 are known as 4 women who were wrongfully accused of sexual molestation. They served many years in prison before being released. Lesbians who Tech founder Leanne Pittsford. 

KOFY TV Episode 11

Karen England of Privacy for all Students, defending her position on Trans students not being able to facilities they identify with. It is in response to California's successfully passed bill AB1122. Kye Allums came out as a Trans basketball player while in college. The partners in Talbott Teas share their experience on Shark Tank. 

KOFY TV Episode 10

LGBT activist from Uganda Frank Mugisha on LGBT life in the country. Members of the Perfect Sidekick, the first LGBT gym. 

KOFY TV Episode 9

Margaret Cho on her new tour, comedy, the LGBT community, and of course her mother. Salvation Army responds to accusations of discrimination. 

KOFY TV Episode 8

Alice Hoagland lost her son Mark Bingham in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Mark was openly gay, a rugby player, and lived here in San Francisco. He is believed to be an American hero who helped divert a hijacked plane from its intended target. Gay magician Walt Anthony and drag extraordinaire Bebe Sweetbriar performs. 

KOFY TV Episode 7

Author Stephan Jimenez on his controversial book "Book of Matt." His book counters what the world knows about regarding Matthew Shepard, the young gay teenager who was brutally beaten and left to do die. Jimenez claims Matt knew his attackers and doesn't necessarily believe his murder was a hate crime. 

KOFY TV Episode 6

Rainey Reitman, activist and supporter of Chelsea Manning, discusses her transition, her innonence, and next steps for the support network. Jennifer Orthwein of the Transgender Law Center on Trans incarceration. 

KOFY TV Episode 5

Activists Robbie Sweeney and Michael Petrelis on boycotting Russian Vodka in response to the anti-gay bills the country has enacted. Famous gay photographer Steven Underhill. 

KOFY TV Episode 4

Dr. Korney Ziegler on being a Black Trans man and Trayvon Martin. 

KOFY TV Episode 3

Oakland Raiders punter Chris Kluwe on being an LGBT activist in the NFL.

KOFY TV Episode 2

Gary Virginia, activist and volunteer on Chelsea Manning and SF Pride grand marshal debacle. 

KOFY TV Episode 1

Mia Macy was turned down for a job promotion by the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms Bureau) because she was transitioning. She sued the governmen agency and it led to a successful ruling from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that ruled on all Transgender people's behalf. 

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